A red brick building and what each one decides to inscribe on an artist's 'pentimento' - different portraits painted and repainted on the same canvas. But a new coat of paint can never obliterate the one underneath, and in places, it peels away to reveal the strokes and shades of an earlier work. And so with college each era leaves it's trace, in the form of views and perspectives of what college stands for. Take a look at some fragments of this 'pentimento' 

In this context we realized that the college having a standing of 90 years would have ex-students well placed by now. It was necessary to draw feedback of our courses, from our recent batches. Also to monitor student progression, further to understand how many pursue higher studies/as well as jobs recruitment we need to have an Alumni Association.

We look forward to your contributions as our Ambassadors to attain further heights in the field of education and strive to accomplish our endeavors to impart quality education. 

Thank-you for your collaboration with this college.




Hall of Fame