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Biodiversity is the variety of life forms that exist on the only known life-supporting planet the earth. India has a great wealth of biological diversity in its forests, deserts, wetlands and in its marine areas that makes it 6th largest biodiversity region in the world. Humans too are integral part of this diversity and are extracting benefits from it to fulfill their requirements to sustain life. Students of Zoology (both UG and PG) are trained to understand the necessity of biodiversity, especially faunal diversity, conservation. Students are regularly taken to field so that they can identify the local fauna and understand their behavior and thus develop a strong bond with them. All the faculty members and students (M Sc, M Phil and Ph D) visit one protected area of the vicinity in the month of January. A week long excursion of PG students is essential and they submit a field report of tour during final practical examination.


The department has a unique and well maintained museum. Animals collected during field tours are deposited to this one the oldest and richest museum of any college of Rajasthan. The aims of these natural excursions are that the students inculcate a sense of bondage with our natural heritage.



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