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The Forum where various co-curricular activities are conducted by the sincere and dedicated faculty of Economics and EAFM departments of the college.For the last few years the Forum is devoted to organize various activities and competition for the sake of students. These are as follows---

1. Debate and Essay writing competition on current economic issues
2. Poster competition generally concerned with Environmental challenges.
3. Group discussions on burning topics like ---Higher education, Woman Empowerment etc.
4. Quiz competition
5. Inviting guests to speak at college 
6. Conducting interviews of prominent personalities
7. Organization of career-oriented activities

The Planning Forum has invited numerous personalities to speak at college. The purpose of these talks is to allow students to interact directly with people who have the power to change our society. The usual format for these talks is a short address by the guest, followed by a long question-and-answer session, where students have the opportunity to question the guest either on what he or she may have said, or on any issue that they may be involved in.

The Planning Forum occasionally conducts interviews of personalities who we feel an interaction with is necessary, even if they are unable to speak at college. 

Career-oriented activities

The Planning Forum has recently made a foray into organizing activities that will both make students more employable and help them choose a career for themselves.



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