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Women Cell

The women development studies cell is actively working in the college since last one and a half decade. It has been created to organize activities pertaining to women’s issues originating from time to time in society and media, and to involve students and members of the society in the cell as active and alert participants.

Primary Objectives:- 


To make students aware of the different problems of the society in general and issues related to women

To disseminate knowledge about rights and laws related to women

Strengthening moral value among the students to become responsible citizens.

To disseminate information about latest writings on women issues.

To organize lectures on the topics of career shaping and how to better prepare for examination i.e. smart studies.

To encourage the minor and major research projects.

Secondary objectives:-


To organize cultural activities.

To organize debates, speech and essay competitions for students.

To organize debates, speech and essay competitions for students.

To encouraging students for actively participating in games and sports.

 To organize work shops for personality development.

To seek active participation of students in environment conservation.


Activities of the Cell


Inviting doctors for delivering lectures on health issues.

To spread knowledge about N.G.O.’s and government organizations working for women development.

To let students know about women icons in society.

Organize International year of women on every 8th March.

Redressed of grievances of students lecturers and members of society put forth before the cell.


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