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ID: 119
First Name: Dr. GOURAV
Last Name  CHAWLA
Department Chemistry
Post/subject SCIENCE
Qualification M.Sc.,JRF, SLET, GATE, Ph.D.

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Address: V-C-150, JNV COLONY
City: Bikaner
State: Rajasthan
Country : India
Postcode: 334001
Phone #1: 9413013109
Mobile #2  
Email Address:  chawlag03@gmail.com

Other Details

Academic Career:  Secondary All subject 1989 Ist Balbari School, Bikaner Higher Sec. Science-Math’s 1990 Ist Fort School, Bikaner Sr.Higher Sec. Science- Math’s 1991 IInd AVM School, Jaipur B.Sc. Science- Math’s 1994 Ist LBS College, Jaipur M.Sc. Chemistry Spec.-Organic 1996 Ist Rajasthan University, Jaipur *University Gold medal in BSc 2nd year *College Gold medal in BSc *NCC C certificate
Souvenir / National Conferences:  RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS 1. Heavy metal toxicity in Ground water of Khajuwala Area located in Bikaner division of western Rajasthan Current world environment, 1(1), 41-44, 2006 (ISSN NO. 0973-4929) 2. The Impact of Agriculture on Ground water Quality of canal area. Current world environment, 1(1), 81-83, 2006 (ISSN NO. 0973-4929) 3. Electronic Spectral characterization of sulphonanilides with Pr (III) and Nd (III) ions. Asian J. Chem., 18(4), 2915-2920, 2006 (ISSN NO. 0970-7077) 4. Characterization of some Nd (III) sulphonanilides complexes in terms of electronic spectral parameters Asian J. Chem. 18(4), 2921-2924, 2006 (ISSN NO. 0970-7077) 5. Spectrophotometric characterization of some doped Pr (III) systems with O, N and S containing ligands Asian J. Chem. 18(4), 2925-2928, 2006 (ISSN NO. 0970-7077) 6. Antimicrobial studies of Doped Pr (III) and Nd (III) ions in the solution of some ‘N’ and ‘O’ donor atom ligands Int. Journal of Chemical Science, 4(1), 55-60, 2006 (ISSN NO.0972-768X) 7. Thermodynamic study of hypersensitive transitions for substituted sulphonanilides with Pr (III) ions Int. Journal of Chemical Science 4(1), 120-124, 2006(ISSN NO.0972-768X) 8. Synthesis, characterization and antibacterial study of sulphonanilides of hydroxy acids and esters. Int. J. Chem. Sci., 4(4), 839-844, 2006 (ISSN NO.0972-768X) 9. Study of some electronic spectral parameters resulting from f-f spectra of Pr(III) and Nd(III) ions with organic ligands Int. J. Chem. Sci., 4(4), 922, 2006 (ISSN NO.0972-768X) 10. Determination of formation constant of Er(III)-systems with different sulphonanilides ligand J. of Ultra chemistry, 6(3), 295, 2010 (ISSN NO. 0973-3450) 11. Characterization of some rare earth-sulphonanilide complexes in terms of thermodynamic parameters J. of Ultra chemistry, 6(3), 281, 2010 (ISSN NO. 0973-3450) 12. Anti Microbial Studies of Doped Er(III) ion in the solution of some N & O donor atom ligands Oriental J. Chemistry, 26(4), 1557, 2010 (ISSN NO.0970-020X) 13. Spectrophotometeric Studies of formation constant of lanthanide complexes Oriental J. Chemistry, 26(4), 1581, 2010 (ISSN NO.0970-020X) 14. Electronic spectral characterization of Tm (III) systems involving N, S & O environment in DMSO medium Int. J. Chem. Sci., 8(4), 2756, 2010 (ISSN NO.0972-768X) 15. Characterization of some Er(III) systems in terms of electronic spectral parameters Int. J. Chem. Sci., 10(2), 829-836, 2012 (ISSN NO.0972-768X) 16. Anti-microbial screening of some sulphonanilide complexes with Tm(III) ion against gram positive cocci & gram negative bacilli Afinidad LXVIII, 557, Enero - Marzo 2012 (ISSN 0001 – 9704) 17.Sensitivity studies of Sm(III) – Sulphonanilide systems against various bacterial species, International Journal of Engineering Science Invention,2(2), 61-64,2013 (ISSN (Online): 2319 – 6734, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 6726) 18. Antimicrobial studies of doped Sm(III) ion in the solution of some N & O donor atom ligands International Journal of Engineering Science Invention,2(2), 56-60,2013 (ISSN (Online): 2319 – 6734, ISSN (Print): 2319 – 6726) FULL PAPER IN CONFERENCE PROCEEDING 1. Assessment of fluoride in ground water of Khajuwala region of Bikaner district (Rajasthan) State seminar on excess fluoride in potable water and its associated health hazards, R. R. College, 93-95, 4-5 Aug. 2006 2. Spectral -Studies of some modified doped Er(III)-sulphonanilides complexes at different pH EVIAC-2010, Department of Chemistry, M.L.V. Government College, Bhilwara (Rajasthan), 17-19, Dec 2010 3. Electronic Spectral characterization of some lanthanide(III) systems involving N, S & O environment in DMSO medium EVIAC-2010, Department of Chemistry, M.L.V. Government College, Bhilwara (Rajasthan), 17-19, Dec 2010 PARTICIPATION / PRESENTATION OF RESEARCH PAPERS IN CONFERENCES International Conference- 1. International Conference on Physics for world Engineering college, Bikaner- 3 days (2-4 Dec.2005) 2. International Conference on Advances in Ecological Research, M.G.S. University, Bikaner (Raj.); 19-21 Dec.(2011). 3. International Conference on Emerging Frontiers & Challenges in Radiation Biology, Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner (Raj.); 24-25 Jan. (2012). National Conference- 1. National Conference on recent trends in Radiation biology and Cancer Research Department of Zoology, Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner- 3 days (17- 19 Oct. 2004) 2. XXXIV RGA National Conference on Environmental Conservation and Resource management Department of Geography, Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner-3 days (Oct. 31 to Nov.2, 2006 ) 3. National Seminar on “Bioinformatics & Computer Applications” M.N. Institute of Applied Sciences, Bikaner-2 days (26 - 27 Nov.2006) 4. National conference on Emerging trends in Microbiology & Bio- technology T.M. College of biosciences, Bikaner- 2 days (29 - 30 Jan.2007) 5. National Seminar on recent trends in nuclear sciences, Uni. Of Bikaner, Bikaner- 1 day (19 Jan.2008) 6. National symposium on global warming Engineering college, Bikaner- 1day (5 Mar.2008) 7. National workshop on microwave sciences Engineering college, Bikaner- 1day (20 Apr. 2008) 8. National conference on recent advances in chemical sciences, Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner (Raj.); 3-5 Oct.(2008). 9. National Conference on Sanskrit Govt. Dungar College, Bikaner (Raj.); 22-23 Oct.(2010). Workshop (College level)- 10. One day Workshop on Advances in Biotechnology Department of Science and Technology, Bikaner (Raj.) - 1day (23 March 2010)
Book Publications:  NA
Any Other:  (I)Completed MRP(UGC) (II) Member of International Physics Society (III)Worked as NSS PO from 10-1-11 to 12-4-12 (IV)Member OF Organizing committee of NCRACS-2008



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