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Our Vision

The achievements of Dungar College through almost a century of undeterred educational and humanitarian endeavors bespeak of its resolute faith in its vision to uphold the highest of scholarly, socio-cultural and humanitarian values for its pupils. The college’s pride in its rich inheritance is further strengthened by its passionate enterprises to keep abreast with the rapidly changing and evolving educational scenario and its corresponding requirements and challenges. To be a member of the glorious family of Dungar College is to bear witness to the fact that right guidance, hard work and faith can concretize even the most impossible of the dreams into reality. 

Our Mission 
To undertake the task of shaping impressionable young minds with moral values and leadership qualities. To enable them to attain a very high level of academic excellence and to achieve this object, provide best infrastructure, opportunity and environment. 

Keeping in view the mission of ‘Govt. Dungar College’, the present scenario of higher education at national and international level and advancing frontiers of Science and Technology, founders have envisaged following set of the generalized and specific goals for the College.To provide ideal academic atmosphere for the pursuit of excellence in higher education in Science, Commerce and Arts. 


To make higher education relevant to the knowledge era. 
To impart in-depth knowledge and expertise through innovative methods of teaching and learning so as to create a pool of resourceful, self motivated manpower. 
To impart broad-based knowledge to face current competitive world. 
To introduce new restructured and vocational courses to keep pace with evolving standards of professional competence. 
To provide a forum to promote the broader interaction among scientific, social and cultural community by organizing exhibitions, conferences, workshops, seminars and other relevant deliberations. 
To organize extension activities for community development focusing on civic responsibilities, social awareness and value based educations. 
To promote high quality research stressing the regional needs and social relevance. 
To nurture research activities for academic nourishment, updating and fostering of scholastic temperament. 
To take up research projects in the thrust areas of national interest and help the nation in academic development. 



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