Zoological Museum

State of the Art Zoological Museum  in its present form was established in the year 1985 holds a vast diversified collection, all notified to the Forest Department, Govt. of Rajasthan. It beholds quite a  few stuffed trophies, skins & hides, animal heads mounted on wooden frames which were gifted to the Department by the then His Highness of Bikaner. It also comprises of animal specimens preserved in the form of wet collection in fixing fluid kept in glass jars which are systematically arranged in glass show cases based on 'Animal Classification' There is also an assemblage of osteological collection which includes Human skeleton and skulls of different animals like Jackal, Hyaena, Horse, Donkey, Camel, Cow, Deer, Dog, Goat, Sheep etc. and other disarticulated skeletons. There are a number of scientific study materials in the form of models too. One such model depicts the evolutionary history of man. Different embryological stages are also kept here to study the developmental process. Dry specimens, especially those of insects are also maintained in the Museum. Beautiful Alizarine preparations showing the stained skeleton within the transparent body of the animal are also a part of the rich collection maintained here. A few fossil types and dried corals add to the educational collection of the Museum. Overall, the Museum with its distinctive features and faunal wealth is one of its kind and worth visiting and appreciating.