Best Practices

The college not only believes in developing values but also in providing solutions to meet new needs and maximizing its educational objectives. Environmental awareness is generated in the college with the help of exhibitions, lectures and also with the help of waste disposal, water and waste management and plantations. There are gardens with small lawns attached to each block. The plantation has been done all around the campus .There is a Faculty Eco Club, run and funded by the faculty members. The Club has done a large number of plantations and takes care of all the plants. Like any other academic institution there is no substantial hazardous emission or solid waste. The plant litter and waste are collected in pits to make natural manure. The plants used as materials for the practical classes in Botany are cultivated in Botanical cum Herbal Garden. An eco friendly approach towards sustainable development aims at upgrading the environment condition in and around campus, resource management and energy saving. Laboratory waste water neutralization plant and familial forestry division are initiative steps towards mitigating environmental problems and green auditing. Another move towards efficient resource management has been the proposal of a 120 KV Roof Top Solar plant installation during the next session as an effort towards using non conventional energy sources for future. Familial Forestry division of the college has proved to be revolutionary in nature and is working in a unique way towards environmental conservation.