Owing to the global need of conserving, preserving and reserving natural resources for the future generation, rainwater harvesting is of utmost importance. Govt Dungar College Bikaner situated in the middle of the Thar Desert thus understands the importance of water. Traditionally Western Rajasthan villages have devised their own methods of rainwater harvesting in the form of building tanks, Bawadis, Talabs etc.which caters the need of water for the inhabitants. In cities too rainwater harvesting is done by collecting rainwater from the roofs to be used in each household and each household construct an underground tank to collect rainwater traditionally called ‘Palar pani’. The College has installed rainwater harvesting system on the roofs of two of its building, the main block and science book building .The large surface area of the roof of both buildings collect huge amount of rainwater and through a systematic drainage system it goes directly underground and recharge the land thus contributing in raising the water level otherwise which is continuously going down.